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In-stock MDF Ultralight moulding profiles sold by the 17' (casing) and 16' (base board & crown molding) piece.  These pieces are primed, ready to paint. Please bring your own tie-downs and truck; we will help you load, but we do not tie down molding for you.
2-1/2"  MDF 711 Casing
only $.45 per foot! (+tax)

2-7/8" MDF Newport Casing
Only $.55 per foot! 

2-1/2" MDF Cape Cod Casing
Only $.40 per foot! 

2-1/4" "356" Casing
Only .39 per foot! (+tax) 

3-1/2" MDF 711 Base
Only $.45 per foot!

3-7/8" Newport Baseboard
Only $0.55 per foot

4" MDF Cape Cod Base
Only $.55 per foot
# 314-MUL-4
4-1/4" Model 620 Base board
Only $.65 per foot +tax

5" MDF Newport Base
Only $.65 per foot

4-1/4" MDF Colonial Crown
Only $.55     per foot

4-1/2" MDF Georgian Crown
Only $.85 per foot 
5-1/4" MDF Colonial Crown
Only $0.75 +tax

6" MDF Crown
Only $.95 per foot